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Over the last 20 years, Garling & Co has helped hundreds of people across NSW win their compensation law cases. Our breadth of experience has enabled our team of expert lawyers to fully understand the complexities involved in personal injury law.

We routinely deal with law cases where we help claimants win huge compensation payments for motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, public liability cases, and many others.

Garling & Co’s team of lawyers are fully accredited and work on no win no fee cost agreements. To find out if your eligible, please complete our free, no obligation confidential case assessment form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours, or alternatively, you can call us today on 1300 851 201.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Type of Claim: Motor Vehicle Accident
Injury: Back injury, neck injury and psychological injury.
Issue: Our client was driving his scooter when another car changed lanes and forced our client onto the footpath.
Compensation Recovered: $396,000
Type of Claim: Motor Vehicle Accident
Injury: Our client sustained multiple pelvic and leg fracture.
Issue: Our client was crossing a road against the lights when she was struck by a motor vehicle. The insurer declined liability and alleged contributory negligence by our client.
Compensation Recovered: $316,000
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Worker Compensation Claims

Type of Claim: Work Injury Damages
Injury: Injury to right knee.
Issue: Our client was a coal miner who was injured at work when a falling rock hit his right knee.
Compensation Recovered: $350,000
Type of Claim: Work Injury Damages
Injury: Injury to lower back.
Issue: Our client was injured at work whilst pruning a tree and fell whilst he was conducting his job in accordance with instructions given by his employer. The Defendant denied liability for our client’s injuries.
Compensation Recovered: $300,000
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Public Liability Claims

Type of Claim: Personal Injury Claim
Injury: Injury to neck, both hands and wrists, face and head.
Issue: Our client was injured whilst riding his bicycle on the road when a dog was let out of a parked car and ran directly into our client causing him to fall and sustain injury.
Compensation Recovered: $150,000
Type of Claim: Public Liability
Injury: Our client sustained significant injury to her left ankle.
Issue: Our client was shopping in Woolworths when she fell on water on the floor. The water was a result of condensation from an air-condition unit in the Woolworths store.
Compensation Recovered: $128,000
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