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Over the last 20 years, Garling & Co has helped hundreds of people across NSW win their compensation law cases. Our breadth of experience has enabled our team of expert lawyers to fully understand the complexities involved in personal injury law.

We routinely deal with law cases where we help claimants win huge compensation payments for motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, public liability cases, and many others.

Garling & Co’s team of lawyers are fully accredited and work on no win no fee cost agreements. To find out if your eligible, please complete our free, no obligation confidential case assessment form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours, or alternatively, you can call us today on 1300 851 201.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Type of Claim: Motor Vehicle Accident
Injury: Low back and Neck injury
Issue: Injury to back and neck when hit by a heavy vehicle whilst driving to work. Liability was accepted for the accident by the insurer, the issue was the extent of prior injuries.
Compensation Recovered: $200,000
Type of Claim: Motor Vehicle Accident
Injury: Injury to right knee and jaw.
Issue: Our client was cycling in a bike lane when a car entered the cycle lane causing our client to fall.
Compensation Recovered: $44,000
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Worker Compensation Claims

Type of Claim: Work Injury Damages
Injury: Psychological injuries.
Issue: Our client was harassed and bullied in the workplace by his supervisor sustaining a significant psychological injury.
Compensation Recovered: $265,000
Type of Claim: Work Injury Damages
Injury: Injury hands and upper limbs.
Issue: Our client injured himself at work when a step ladder he was standing on to perform his work duties collapsed. Liability for the accident was initially rejected by the insurer.
Compensation Recovered: $250,000
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Public Liability Claims

Type of Claim: Public Liability Claim
Injury: Our client sustained injuries to her right elbow and wrist, her left arm and her left knee.
Issue: Our client was at a storage facility when she tripped on an uneven driveway and fell to the ground. The insurer for the facility accepted liability.
Compensation Recovered: $70,000
Type of Claim: Personal Injury Claim
Injury: Unlawful arrest and False imprisonment.
Issue: Our client was unlawfully arrested and detained by NSW Police Officers.
Compensation Recovered: $25,000
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