How Safe is your Head? Buyers Beware of Bicycle Helmets Manufactured Overseas

Thursday, March 03, 2016

There is no doubt that many Australian’s enjoy shopping online as it is quick, cheaper than shopping in stores, and allows shoppers to explore a wider range of products. However, we seldom consider where our products are coming from, what standards they are manufactured to, and how safe they are.

In Australia, cyclists must wear a helmet that meets Australian and New Zealand standards. Whilst our standards are considered some of the toughest regulations in the world they come with a significant purpose, to save lives.

Compared to other places in the world Australian roads are seriously lacking facilities for bicycle riders, our lanes are narrow, our footpaths do not accommodate for cyclists, and the amount of cars on the road is increasing daily.

Currently, if a cyclist is found not wearing a helmet that meets the Australian and New Zealand standards they may be fined $71, however, as of March 2016, cyclists will be fined $319.

Furthermore, the Government claims that whilst the certified standard helmets may be more expensive they are tested numerous times for safety, and in the long run save lives.

More importantly, if you are injured whilst riding your bike and you are not wearing a helmet that meets Australian and New Zealand standards the damages you may receive for your injuries may be reduced due to contributory negligence.

It is important for cyclists to check the helmet is compliant with Australian Standards before buying. 

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