How is a claim finished?

As part of the investigation of your claim the insurer will obtain information about your medical condition from your treating doctors and/or by arranging for you to be assessed by other medical specialists appointed by the insurance company.

They will also ask a number of questions called "particulars" in relation to the injuries you have sustained, your impairments and disabilities arising from those injuries and any economic or non economic loss you are claiming. This information will help the insurer to make a reasonable offer of settlement to finalise your claim. These particulars should be answered by your lawyer on your behalf.

The insurer will, once your medical condition stabilises, then make an offer of settlement.

If you receive an offer of settlement you need to immediately seek advice from your Lawyer who specialises in motor vehicle claims. You should not try and negotiate a resolution with the insurer yourself. A Lawyer will almost always obtain for you significantly more compensation than you can on your own.

If you accept an offer of settlement from the insurer then your claim is finalised. If your claim is finalised you are not entitled to ever return and claim any further compensation. It is a full and final settlement.

If you are unable to negotiate a resolution of your claim with the insurer then you will need assistance from a lawyer to resolve your dispute through the dispute resolution process know as CARS run by the Motor Accidents Authority and/or District Court of NSW.