Should I use a lawyer to represent me?


No matter the nature and extent of your injuries you should always get a lawyer to represent you for a claim under the Motor Accident Compensation Act.

If you deal directly with the insurer yourself, you are likely to get significantly less compensation than if you appoint a lawyer to represent you.

The statistics are telling; in 2010 the average settlement amount for persons injured in a car accident who were not legally represented was about $11,000 in the same period the average settlement amount of those who were legally represented was about $90,000 on average.

If you appoint a lawyer between 50-70% of the legal costs are also payable by the CTP Insurer.

It makes clear financial sense to always appoint a lawyer to represent you as most of the legal costs are paid by the insurer and you will receive a much greater amount of compensation if you appoint a lawyer.

You should also only appoint a lawyer who is a Specialist in Personal Injury law as accredited by the Law Society of NSW.