What happens after I send in a claim form?

Once you have completed a claim form you will receive a letter from the insurance company telling you that your claim has been received. You will also receive a claim number that you must use when you contact the insurer about your claim. You should also supply the claim number to your medical practitioner so they can send their accounts/invoices direct to the insurer for payment.

The insurer will then investigate your claim. They may ask you to provide information including, photos, documents and records to help them with the investigation. As part of the investigation the insurer will normally obtain a copy of the police accident report. You may also be required to speak to an insurance investigator about your accident and how it occurred.

If you are asked to speak to an insurance investigator you should always talk to your lawyer first before providing any statements to the insurance investigator.

Once the insurer has all relevant information they will determine whether the driver that you say caused the accident was at fault. The insurer must notify you in writing within 3 months of receiving the claim form of whether or not they accept their driver was at fault.

The letter advising of the insurer’s decision is called a Section 81 Notice.

In the meantime the insurer will continue to pay for reasonable and necessary hospital, medical, rehabilitation and travel expenses whilst they are investigating the claim.

If liability is accepted the insurer will continue to pay your medical expenses. If the insure does not believe that their driver is at fault they will decline the claim and cease to pay medical treatment.