What is the WorkCover Authority of New South Wales and what is their function?

The WorkCover Authority of NSW is a statutory authority and is therefore under the control of the NSW State Government. Its primary objective is to achieve safe workplaces and effective return to work for injured workers.

WorkCover NSW has two main functions;

  1. To ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Legislation in NSW and;
  2. The management of the NSW Workers Compensation system.

WorkCover NSW collects all workers compensation premiums and is the body responsible for payment of workers compensation benefits. It appoints scheme agents (insurance companies such as QBE, Employers Mutual, GIO, etc.) to act as claims handlers on behalf of WorkCover NSW. These scheme agents act as a claims handling agent on behalf of WorkCover NSW. Any benefits which are paid by the scheme are actually paid by WorkCover NSW not the scheme agent.

WorkCover NSW has a supervisory role over the scheme agents and regularly reviews claims to ensure the scheme agents are correctly applying the law.

WorkCover NSW also has a claims advisory service which can be contacted on 13 10 50 to assist injured workers with a claim.