TPD: What can be claimed, when to claim, and how many times can I claim?

If you didn’t know you could make a claim until some years after the injury, illness, or disease has occurred you will still be able to make a claim under the policy.

If you haven’t rolled all your superfunds into one, or you hold multiple TPD policies with say, your superfund, your employer, your bank or financial advisor you may be eligible to make numerous TPD claims under each of the policies.

When looking at claiming TPD we always advise that you conduct a superannuation search and check with your employer and other institutions that may hold a TPD policy for you.

Can I only claim tpd benefits if I am injured at work?

No! there are a number of injuries and illnesses covered under the TPD policies.


You could have an injury in the course of your employment, while overseas, in a public area, while paying soccer on a Sunday, and all would be covered as an “injury” under a TPD policy


A number of illnesses are covered under TPD policies. For example, cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and other types of terminal illness are covered by TPD policies. Most policies will cover you even if you have a pre-existing injury. However. You can check your policy to confirm your rights and entitlements.

When to claim?

Generally speaking, you should make a claim as soon as possible following your injury, illness or disease that renders you unable to work. Noting that super policies for TPD usually have a six-month waiting period.

How much can I get through TPD claim?

If you have numerous superfunds you may find your TPD benefit is less than $100,000 under each policy. However, in our experience, if you have a long-term superannuation policy, or your employer has a TPD policy, the range you may receive for your TPD claim is usually between $250,000 and in excess of $1,000.000.

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