What happens at a Workers Compensation Commission telephone conference?

Once an Application to Resolve a Dispute is lodged with the Workers Compensation Commission, the insurer has 28 days to lodge a reply. Once the Reply is received, the Workers Compensation Commission will appoint a date and time for a telephone conference.

The telephone conference will take place in your lawyers office.

The telephone conference is between the injured person, their lawyer, the insurance company representative or their lawyer and an independent Arbitrator appointed by the Workers Compensation Commission.

Your Lawyer will do most, if not all of the talking during the telephone conference.

You are however required to attend either in person (preferable) or on the telephone.

At the telephone conference the Arbitrator will discuss the following:

  • The likelihood of settlement
  • That all parties understand the process
  • Whether the parties can agree on any of the issues in the proceedings
  • Any legal or other issue that must be determined before the matter can proceed further
  • Whether the matter is to be listed for an Arbitration date or referred to an independent doctor for assessment

If the matter is unable to be resolved at the telephone conference and the matter is ready to proceed, the Arbitrator will arrange a Conciliation Conference/Arbitration Hearing. This usually occurs approximately 2 to 3 months following the telephone conference.

If an agreement is reached at the telephone conference then the matter is finalised by signing the paperwork to record the agreement.

The telephone conference usually takes between 15 to 45 minutes