No Win No Fee Lawyers in Sydney Explained

Professional legal assistance can make a huge difference in times of uncertainty and when life changing situations strike. At Garling & Co, we provide legal assistance on a NO WIN NO FEE* cost agreement for most types of compensation claims.

No win no fee cost agreements* allow you to get professional lawyers to fight your case without any upfront costs. While some conditions do apply in order for you to be eligible, our no win no fee lawyers only receive payment if your compensation claim is successful.

If you’d like to speak to one of our fully accredited no win no fee solicitors at Garling & Co, please call 1300 851 201 or send us an email. Or, you can complete our free, no obligation confidential case assessment form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Why choose our no win no fee solicitors?

We believe in your right to justice

Our philosophy is based around the idea that all Australians should have access to the very best lawyers available. However, the current legal system in Australia favours the wealthy and discriminates against those who cannot afford legal representation that’s billed by the hour.

We firmly believe in your right to justice and have a team of highly experienced no win no fee solicitors ready to fight your case. We don’t charge by the hour and you’ll only pay Garling & Co if we win your compensation claim for you. This means it’s in our interest to win your claim for you as quickly as possible.

There are some situations which may require you to pay some expenses, such as court fees, medical reports, expert fees, as well as paying the other legal side if you lose your case. However, the best thing to do is to contact our no win no fee lawyers to talk over everything before starting any legal action.

For expert, no win no fee lawyers in NSW, call Garling & Co now on 1300 851 201.

*Also known as conditional cost agreements.