Am I Entitled to Annual Leave and Long Service Leave Whilst on Workers Compensation in NSW?

The short answer is yes, employees receiving workers compensation payments, even if they are off work, are entitled to accrue annual leave during their absence as well as long service leave.

In a decision of the Federal Court in the matter of NSW Nurses and Midwives Association -v- Anglican Care (2014) FCCA2580 Justice Emmert made a decision in a case where the worker was receiving workers compensation for a period of 18 months due to a workplace injury and a dispute arose after employment was terminated as to whether or not the worker was entitled to be paid any annual leave entitlements



Justice Emmert found that Section 130 of the Fair Work Act 2009 states that an employee is prevented from taking or accruing leave whilst they are absent from work due to illness or injury unless a relevant state compensation law permits the taking and accruing of leave.

Section 49 of the Workers Compensation Act 1987 (NSW) does allow for taking or accruing leave whilst on Workers Compensation.

For those reasons Justice Emmert found that annual leave was accrued whilst receiving workers compensation payments, as long as you remain an employee.

It is most likely that long service leave is also accrued.

However, where employment has been terminated then long service leave and annual leave ceases to accrue.

Employees, therefore, can on being terminated receive payment of accrued annual leave and long service leave whilst they have been off work on workers compensation benefits.

It should be noted that an employer is legally entitled to terminate an employee six months after an injury if the employee has not returned to their pre-injury duties

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