What is SIRA?

SIRA is an acronym for the State Insurance Regulatory Authority.

This government body now regulates both the worker’s compensation scheme and the motor accident CTP insurance scheme in NSW.

In relation to worker’s compensation claims, SIRA has taken over some of the functions of WorkCover.The old functions of WorkCover have been separated between SIRA and Safework NSW.

SIRA now regulates and manages the NSW worker’s compensation scheme, that is claiming compensation for injuries whilst sustained at work.Safework NSW is the regulatory authority that investigates workplace injuries.

If you have had an injury at work and wish to make a claim, you can find information on worker’s compensation at www.sira.nsw.gov.au

You can also call SIRA in relation to worker’s compensation claims on 13 10 50.

In addition to SIRA, is the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office. The NSW government established the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (“WIRO”) in 2012 as part of its reforms of the state worker’s compensation scheme.

WIRO is an independent statutory body and has a variety of roles which include: 

  1. Finding solutions for complaints about insurers from injured workers.
  2. Assisting injured workers in understanding the worker’s compensation scheme.
  3. Providing funding to lawyers to assist injured workers with claims.
  4. Conducting procedural reviews of insurer’s work capacity decisions. 

WIRO is an independent body and is not regulated by SIRA.If you need assistance with a worker’s compensation claim you can contact WIRO on 13 94 76 or www.wiro.nsw.gov.au

You may also be entitled to legal assistance for a worker’s compensation claim.

You can contact us on 02 8518 110 or email us at mgarling@garlingandco.com.au for any assistance.