Risks of cosmetic fillers

Earlier this year Four Corners investigated the first recorded case of blindness from cosmetic fillers and Botox in Australia.

In April 2019, a female patient attended a cosmetic clinic for facial dermal fillers. The procedure was undertaken by a cosmetic nurse without a doctor present.

Unfortunately, a short time later the patient presented to hospital as she was experiencing loss of vision in one eye.

While this is the first report case of blindness from dermal fillers in Australia, it is estimated that there are at least 100 documented cases internationally.

However, dermal fillers can be dangerous if they are inserted into an artery causing blockage of the blood vessel.The blockage then causes a loss of blood flow to an area, such as an eye, which then causes the eye to die, resulting in blindness.

Dermal fillers and Botox have gained significant traction among young adults in recent years. Getting dermal fillers or Botox is a serious health decision and it is important to consider and discuss all the risks associated with dermal fillers and Botox before deciding to undertake this form of cosmetic surgery.

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