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How to Access your Medical Records & Information

Access to your health records and information along with the privacy of your health information is covered by the Health Records & Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW) (HRIP Act)....


Medical Negligence -v- Medical Malpractice

The terms medical negligence and medical malpractice describe the same type of claim....


Stents and medical negligence

As we age, some Australians may experience some heart or vascular problems that require stenting....


What is mediation?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process involving an independent impartial mediator who assists parties in settling their legal disputes outside of Court....


Mediation in medical negligence cases: benefits and pitfalls

When it comes to mediating your medical negligence matter, there are a number of benefits to the informal settlement process....


What type of compensation can I claim in a medical negligence claim?

The type of damages awarded in medical negligence claims are regulated by the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW) (CLA)....


How to Prove Medical Negligence

There are a number of core elements that must be satisfied for you to be successful in your medical negligence / medical malpractice claim....


The importance of evidence in medical negligence

What evidence do I need to prove my Medical Negligence/Medical Malpractice Claim?...


Medicare & Centrelink in medical negligence claims

If money is owed to Medicare, then Medicare will deduct the amount from the 10% and refund the remainder. ...


Risks of cosmetic fillers

Earlier this year Four Corners investigated the first recorded case of blindness from cosmetic fillers and Botox in Australia....


Complaints to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission

Complaints to the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission...


How long does a medical negligence claim take?

It is very difficult to predict how long a medical negligence claim will take without knowing the details....


The process of commencing your medical negligence claim

What is the court process in Medical Negligence Claims/Medical Malpractice Claims?...


Delay, misdiagnosis & failure to diagnose medical negligence claims

An unintentional delay is when there is sufficient information available, but it is for one reason or another overlooked...


What is a duty to warn & informed consent?

In order to undertake any treatment patients must provide their informed consent....


Garling & Co settles botched double mastectomy case

In 2018, Garling and Co Lawyers resolved a complex medical negligence / medical malpractice case involving a botched double mastectomy....


The dark side of cosmetic breast surgery

Cosmetic breast surgeries are becoming increasingly prevalent in todays society....


Guide to medical negligence

Have you suffered an injury due to sub-standard medical care?...


Causation in medical negligence claims

The element of causation is a very difficult to prove in medical negligence claims....


Duty of care of head builder to contractors on a job site

A head builder has obligations under the Occupation Health and Safety Act and Regulations to provide a safe work environment....


Important time limits under the new motor accidents legislation

Strict time limits are in place for motor accident claims....


Limitation periods: Do you know how much time you have to make your claim?

In personal injury and other civil matters there are time frames in which claims must be brought....


Injured bull rider wins workers compensation claim

A recent Workers Compensation Commission decision ruled in favour of an injured bull rider being considered a worker....


Can I change lawyers during my claim?

You can change lawyers or switch lawyers at any time during your claim. This applies to any workers’ compensation claims, motor vehicle claims, or public liability claims....


Hamilton v State of New South Wales (No 23) [2016] NSWSC 1311

On the evening of 12 December 2009, Mr Hamilton was assaulted by a police officer after an alleged confrontation with a taxi driver....


Insurers continue to deny reasonably necessary medical treatment

In late 2012 the worker tripped and injured his left knee and right hand while at work....


Why are medical negligence cases that are settled outside of court kept off doctors records?

Ashley Blundell underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2013 at the hands of Dr Peter Kim. ...

Person with injured leg using crutches

Pitfalls in personal injury claims

There are a number of pitfalls to avoid in personal injury claims....


How do I get the best personal injury lawyer for my claim?

The one simple fact smart clients know to get the best injury lawyer for their case......


What happens after I complete a MVA claim form?

This information is for accidents before 1 December 2017....


How to make a claim under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act NSW

This information is for accidents before 1 December 2017....


No win no fee explained

No win No fee cost agreements are also known as conditional cost agreements....


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Glenn W.
06:56 31 Jul 22
I cannot recommend more highly Matthew, Natasha, Kelli and all the team at Garling & Co Lawyers. They were professional, really helpful, explained the process and stood beside me to fight for my... rights.Unfortunately I initially chose another law firm to represent me, they were quick to sign me up but were very unprofessional and didn’t seem to care about the outcome of my case as they would get paid either way with the No win No fee system.I was fortunate that Matthew Garling agreed to take on my case and assigned it to Natasha. I could not be happier with how Natasha and her team worked on my case. We ended up with a settlement from the insurer who originally denied my claim.Natasha also protected my right to pursue lump Sum damages with my previous employer. I am so thankful to them, I feel I can finally start putting this behind me and begin the healing process.Don’t give up when the insurer rejects your claim, contact Garling & Co Lawyers to see how they can help more
Luke S.
22:45 26 Jul 22
Matthew & his team were nothing short of amazing.Garling & Co have led the way throughout my journey from an injured & defeated guy to someone who not only has their life back but is actually... thriving with a positive mindset.I cannot recommend Garling & Co more
luke K.
01:42 18 Jul 22
Andrew W.
22:59 14 Jul 22
Pav N.
12:24 14 Jul 22
Garling & Co handled with all my three cases win, win, win. Thank you all team. God bless you.
Yanthi S.
01:51 18 May 22
I engaged with Garling and Co to assist me for my weekly payment dispute with the insurance. I was upset with Natasha, as she didn't prepare me to the worse outcome or kind of negotiation in the... hearing. I assumed that as a Lawyer she should experience with the process or the way to solve the case. Even though I asked her what should I do or what would be happened in the hearing a week before but she didn't mentioned anything, and told me not do anything. But in the hearing she and the Arbitrator only gave me less than 5 minute to make decision and pushed me to accept the disappointed outcome and what she said totally different with what she said earlier. I don't trust her at all, her words is not consistent.I would like to express my appreciation to Matthew Garling who had stepped in to handle my weekly payment issue with the insurance. He is very professional, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and very humble. My disappointment earlier has melted away by his kindness and caring to resolve my issue which has came out the great outcome. Now I am satisfied with his expertise therefore I would not hesitate to let him to handle the case I might have in the more
Lynda S
00:34 04 May 22
For such complicated matters, it is extremely important to have a good team in your corner. The right team.Garling and co is just that and much more.They listen to you and care. They support you... during the entire process. You will have so many questions and they always return your calls and reply to your emails.Thank you so much to Renee, who explained everything to me and what to expect in details and really reassured me. The process felt less heavy and stressful because she was there. She was professional and so efficient. She took over my case from previous lawyer and I wish I could have met her first. She was available to answer the many questions I had along the way. There is also Kelli, she was the first person I got on the phone most of the time when I called and she is nice and very helpful, I had so many questions and doubts, I was stressed yet she had the patience to explain and seek answers to my questions.Natasha took over my case towards the end and she also was great in listening and supporting me and made sure to defend my best interests against the other side at all time.The Worker’s compensation process is very stressful, it can last for a long period. In my case it was three years and it is to the upmost importance to have people who treats you well, are professional and efficient.I am very satisfied with the outcome and I hope that this reviews helps the next person.Your assistance made the difference and I would have not been able to do it without your precious more
Melinda B.
23:57 04 Apr 22
Workers compensation and the medical-legal process is a complicated and a difficult process.If you are looking for a highly professional compensation/personal injury lawyer, I would without... hesitation definitely recommend Matthew Garling who is a genuine, caring & dedicated lawyer.Matthew, Allison Luck and co. are extremely professional, clear and concise with all communication and an exceptional support during the whole process of my claim, I felt confident and secure that I had made the right decision having Matthew represent me, they worked tirelessly and where 100% committed to getting me the best possible outcome.My case was complicated and Matthew never gave up fighting for me, he didn’t just take the first option for a quick and easy resolution.He and his team got me the best possible outcome for my WPI and I will be forever grateful for their hard work and diligence. I now have peace of mind knowing I have lifetime medical assistance and payment till retirement more
Jim M.
12:25 27 Mar 22
Garling and Co lawyers you have done again with Success for my TPD claim! Ms. Emma Perkins and her team have assisted my TPD claim with great success after the hard work, She is a very down-to-earth... person, professional, and highly knowledgeable with insurance claim law. She is very approachable and always willing to help and often reply my question of email after business hours. I will most delighted to recommend Garling and Co Lawyers. Ms. Emma Perkins and her team to any person who needs insurance claim law service like me. by Julieread more
Anthony N
22:13 17 Mar 22
I had Garling & Co Lawyers handle my workplace dispute, I could not be happier with the outcome, handled in such a professional way with excellent communication throughout the entire process.Natasha... and Kelli were very understanding in every aspect, requesting information via phone or email was never an issue, fast response times and helpful in every way. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the team @ Garling & Co Lawyers. 👍read more
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