The dark side of cosmetic breast surgery

Cosmetic breast surgeries are becoming increasingly prevalent in todays society.

With the increase in all thing’s breasts, from breast lifts, reductions, and implants, many underqualified medical professionals and cosmetic institutions are finding it an effective way to make a quick buck.

As the prevalence of cosmetic breast surgery rises in the country so does the prevalence of botched boob jobs and medical negligence cases.

While those who undertake breast surgery for cosmetic reasons want the best results, they can often be persuaded to have their breast surgery done at a cosmetic clinic or beauty salon to save on costs.

However, prospective patients should be warned that there is a significant difference between the service provided by a plastic surgeon at a hospital, and that of a cosmetic surgeon operating out of a cosmetic clinic or beauty salon.

There is a big difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon

While plastic surgeons will charge more for their services and will usually operate in a Hospital. They will likely have had years of training and experience in the field of plastic surgery and know what they are doing.

Conversely, cosmetic surgeons will often be found at cosmetic clinics and beauty salons. Cosmetic surgeons have a basic medical degree and will not have completed any specific surgical training or fellowship. They are not experts in breast surgery.

The chance of experiencing a botched boob job is significantly lessened if your surgery is undertaken by a plastic surgeon as they have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to perform the surgery in a competent manner.

Your risk of a botched boob job is significantly higher if you have breast surgery completed by a cosmetic surgeon who has limited knowledge and experience, and will likely be operating in a less hygienic environment with lacking infection control.

Cosmetic surgeons are also likely to be insufficiently equipped to deal with medical emergencies which can be disastrous for patients if emergencies do occur during their surgery.

Just last year a woman died after undergoing a botched boob job at a beauty salon in Sydney. The “cosmetic surgeon” undertaking the surgery had no medical qualifications and was subsequently criminally charged with recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm and using poison to endanger life.

This case goes to show how dangerous cosmetic surgery can be when undertaken by underqualified medical professionals or those without the necessary medical training and qualifications.

There has been a significant push from the Medical Board of Australia, the Health Care Complaints commission, and plastic surgeons alike to regulate the “cosmetic profession.”

It is hoped that legislation will be amended to only allow invasive surgeries to be performed by qualified surgeons in hospitals and in the presence of anaesthesiologists.

If you believe you have had a botched boob job or have experienced negligent treatment by a cosmetic surgeon or other health professional, please contact us.

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