Injury At Work Compensation Claims

Workplaces can be dangerous. Care must be taken by the employer to ensure as far as possible that their employees do not sustain workplace injuries whilst during their employment. People spend most of their day at work and under the direction or supervision of the boss and are at a risk of sustaining injury if care is not taken.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics states that approximately 5% of males and 3.6% of females will sustain an injury at work or work-related illness each year.

The highest work related injury or illness rate by age group was in the 50 - 54 year old age group followed by the 15-19 year old age group.

Occupations that experience the highest rate of workplace injuries are as follows:

  1. Machine operators and drivers.
  2. Community and personal service workers.
  3. Technicians and trades workers.
  4. Labourers.

The industries with the highest work related injuries were manufacturing, transport, postal and warehousing and agriculture, forestry and fishing.

Of those who have experienced a work related injury, they sustained their injury usually through the following:

  1. Lifting, pushing, pulling or bending.
  2. Hitting or being hit or cut by an object or vehicle.
  3. Falling.
  4. Repetitive movement.

If you receive an injury in the course of your employment you must notify your employer immediately.

The employer then should:

  1. Provide first aid and make sure you get the right care.
  2. Notify the workers compensation insurer of the injury within 48 hours.
  3. Record it in the register of injuries at the workplace.

If you have sustained an injury that prevents you from working or you need medical treatment, you should attend your general practitioner and obtain a WorkCover Certificate of Capacity and provide this to your employer. This is the document that starts a worker’s compensation claim.

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If the injury results in the death of a person, a serious injury or illness of a person or a dangerous incident, the employer must notify SafeWork NSW immediately on 13 10 50 as an investigation may be undertaken by SafeWork NSW in relation to the incident.

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