Garling & Co settles botched double mastectomy case

In 2018, Garling and Co Lawyers resolved a complex medical negligence / medical malpractice case involving a botched double mastectomy.

The plaintiff settled out of court for near half a million dollars in compensation for her injuries. It was alleged the doctor in question failed to provide the correct advice and failed to undertake surgery and post-operative care with reasonable care and skill.

As a result of the alleged numerous failures of the defendant, the plaintiff sustained an extensive injury to her chest due to numerous complications that could have been avoided if due care and skill were exercised by the doctor.

Facts as alleged by the plaintiff

After much consideration, the plaintiff agreed with the defendant’s surgical plan. The defendant then pressured the plaintiff into a further complex reconstruction.

The defendant made numerous misrepresentations to the plaintiff about the type of cancer she had, the way in which the surgery would occur, the type of implants, his experience, his qualifications and the outcome of the surgery.

It was alleged that due to the defendant’s lack of knowledge and expertise the surgery failed. The outcome was poor, the implants were uneven and improperly positioned, the nipples had died, the breast tissue was becoming necrotic and infection had set in.

The plaintiff was concerned about her heath and had made numerous complaints to the defendant. However, the defendant failed to act or address the plaintiff’s concerns.

The plaintiff was left to seek her own medical assistance which resulted in the plaintiff attending the emergency department where she was made an immediate inpatient with a severe life-threatening infection. The plaintiff underwent immediate removal of the implants.

It was alleged the defendant provided improper advice to the plaintiff, failed to properly diagnose the type of cancer, failed to exercise due care and skill during surgery and aftercare, and as such, had caused the plaintiff significant irreparable damage.

The resolution

Garling & Co Lawyers was able to settle the matter and mediation. The plaintiff was satisfied with the resolution. While the plaintiff cannot get back what she once had, the compensation has allowed the plaintiff to undertake revision surgery and move on with her life.

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