Medical Negligence -v- Medical Malpractice

The terms medical negligence and medical malpractice describe the same type of claim.

However, the term “medical negligence” is an English/Australian term, whereas the term “medical malpractice” is an American term.

At the end of the day, both terms describe the same thing, that being:

  1. An act or omission by a medical professional or institution that causes an injury to a patient or someone under their care, and;
  2. The act or omission departed from the expected medical standard.

To make a medical negligence claim you will need to prove:

  1. Negligence – the medical professional or institution did something wrong that departed from the expected standard and;
  2. Injury – as a direct result of that negligence you have sustained an injury that you wouldn’t have sustained but for the negligence of the medical professional or institution

If you can successfully prove with evidence that you have suffered due to a medical professional or an institutions negligence you may be able to claim compensation for: –

  1. Pain and suffering
  2. Past and future economic loss (including loss of superannuation)
  3. Loss of life expectancy
  4. Medical expenses and home and car modifications

About Matthew Garling

Matthew Garling, Founder of Garling & Co is a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. He specialises in compensation law and has acted on behalf of thousands of injured people in work accidents, motor vehicle accidents and negligence cases over the last 20 years.

About Renee Lawes

Renee Lawes is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW and has been working alongside Matthew Garling at Garling & Co Lawyers for over five years. Renee’s areas of interest are Medical Negligence and TPD claims.

Over the last five years Renee has helped secure many injured clients the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

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